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Delphinium | Jenny's Pearl Pink | Fraiche Grown

Delphinium | Jenny's Pearl Pink | Fraiche Grown

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*This delphinium seed is harvested here on our farm from the same delphinium in the other listing. Because this variety is an F1 seed I cannot guarantee it will grow true. However I have harvested and grown out this seed for the last three years and it looks the same to me. 

This is hands down my favourite delphinium! The soft pastel pink blooms on long stems are so whimsical and romantic!

Hardy to zone 3, this first year flowering perennial is a must for your garden, landscape or cut flowers. The first year the stems will be rather short, however by year two the stems are 3'.


Delphinium grandiflorum


Days to maturity: 140-150

Seeds per packet: 15

*Fraiche Farm Grown*

Growing Instructions:

You’ll want to pop them in the freezer to break dormancy for 24 hours or longer, I usually do 2 weeks. Cover them lightly with soil and keep them evenly moist. They can be tricky to germinate and sometimes take 2-3 weeks. Also germination can be sporadic. For example you might have 5 pop up and grow for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden more will pop up. So don’t give up on them!
They like a cool soil to start, approximately 12°. If you aren’t seeing germination after 2 weeks you can trick them by moving them somewhere warmer for a day or two and then back to cool.

*Due to export restrictions, seeds cannot be shipped outside of Canada. 

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