Dahlia Information

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There are now links to our refund policy, shipping policy and a terms and conditions page on the bottom of our website. Please read these conditions before checkout as you will be asked to check a box that you agree to these terms before you can check out.

All varieties will say SOLD OUT until the day of the sale. Purchases are not guaranteed until paid for. Unfortunately, if a variety sells out before you have completed checkout it will disappear from your cart.

I have stringent harvesting practices with my dahlias, making sure my tools are always sanitized. This applies to cuts and digging up in the fall. I’ve never allowed u-pickers to cut their own dahlias, I've done it for them so I can guarantee my snips are sanitized between each cut. While at this time I do not test for viruses, I pull and throw away anything that looks suspect.

All varieties have been grown out for at least one season on our farm, though most have been grown here for 2+ years.

It is common for some leaves to blacken or yellow during shipping, especially those touching the  plastic clamshell. Please don't worry, this should not affect the growth of the plant. Those leaves can be gently broken off and discarded. Plant stems may also be limp from being away from water and light for a few days. Please immediately water your cutting upon arrival. More detailed instructions will arrive with your cuttings.


Shipping will be calculated at check out by Canada Post. Sorry, we are unable to combine multiple orders.

We will begin shipping once all danger of frost has passed, which for us in Alberta will likely be early to mid- May. Don't fret though, since it's a rooted cutting you won't have to wait to see growth like a tuber.

There will be one day scheduled for on farm pick up on Saturday May 4th from 10am-2pm If you cannot make that day please choose shipping at checkout.

Due to cuttings being a live plant that require water and light, we are only able to ship to the following provinces at this time: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. It's too risky to ship elsewhere as Canada Post transit times are too long.

In 2021 I purchased wholesale tubers. When digging them up in the fall over 100 had leafy gall. I had grown these in a different location than my other dahlias on the advice of a friend. All of the wholesale tubers were thrown out that fall and nothing that can contract gall has been planted there since.

In 2022 I received more wholesale tubers because I had ordered them before I knew my 2021 crop was bad. Since I do not trust wholesale tubers to be free of gall, when they arrived I tossed anything that looked suspect and planted everything else in pots in one of our greenhouses. After I noticed they came with a nasty spider mite infection my husband and I loaded them all up and took them to the dump. I’ve never grown them since.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at support@fraicheflowerfarm.com as transparency about this issue is important to me.