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Stock | Vintage Brown

Stock | Vintage Brown

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Another great stock with a deceiving name, vintage brown. It's more of a vintage mauve/rose in my opinion and will always be grown on our farm.

Even though they are a "one and done" flower they are so worth the vase life and incredible scent! I leave patches of them uncut in our gardens all summer just to smell them in the air. 

Single and double flowering. If you only want to grow doubles you can cull singles at the cotyledon stage, buy looking for fused cotyledons.


Matthiola incana


Days to maturity: 90-105

Seeds per packet: 50 

Growing Instructions:

Start seed indoors in trays 5-6 weeks before last frost. This plant is a one and done, so you'll only get one flower per plant. Succession planting is a must for blooms all summer.

*Fraiche Farm Grown*

*Due to export restrictions, seeds cannot be shipped outside of Canada. 

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