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Larkspur | Fancy Smokey Eyes

Larkspur | Fancy Smokey Eyes

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Larkspur...a garden powerhouse! With frequent cutting these will pump out blooms for months in my experience and even survive those darn pesky late august frosts we get here in Alberta. 

Silvery white blooms with lavender throughout.


Consolida ajacis


Days to maturity: 90-110

Seeds per packet: 100 

Growing Instructions:

While direct seeding is recommended because the plants don't like their roots disturbed, I've had no issues starting them indoors and planting out. I still get tall, vigorous plants.

If starting indoors: 5-7weeks before last frost, 1/4' deep. 

*Due to export restrictions, seeds cannot be shipped outside of Canada. 

**No photo because I couldn't find one in my treasure trove of 1.7 million garden pics!

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