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This first year flowering perennial herb is a must for your garden, landscape or cut flowers. It's also loved by pollinators! 


Scrophularia nodosa

Tender Perennial (zones 6-9) though I have overwintered it in zone 2b, with heavy mulching. This is just my experience so I make no promises it will overwinter for you if you also live in one of the coldest places in North America.

Days to maturity: 120

Seeds per packet: 200 (approx) these are packaged by weight since they are so tiny.

Growing Instructions:

Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost, pressing into the surface of the soil since this plant needs light to germinate. Harden off and transplant outdoors after last frost.

*Due to export restrictions, seeds cannot be shipped outside of Canada. 

**No photo because I couldn't find one in my treasure trove of 1.7 million garden pics!

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